The Next Step

Its been a while since I have taken upon myself to update the blog on my website. It just means that I was planning the next step for my personal project (ok, maybe it means that I was busy trying different things).

But recently I made a new instagram account for Thelacebrace and a new Facebook page. The response has been quite positive with people appreciating the work and the photos. I have decided to give one more dimension to the lace jewelry by photographing it with my sketches just to make them a bit for interesting. This also encourages me to keep sketching and practicing, so its a win-win situation.

I will be trying my hand with water colours now and see how it turns out. I have a few ideas and I shall be explaining them in the next post. What interesting is that I have also put up my own Wordpress shop site where anyone can buy my jewelry! Isn't that amazing? 

Until next time...


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