Bridal Jewellery

For a while I had been thinking about trying my hand at some bridal handmade jewellery. However, although weddings and the bride are a perfect source of inspiration for a creative, it makes it all the more serious. One has to take care of the material; the style and the mood into consideration and at the same time make it look unlike the stuff already present in the shops, especially in the shops.

So I felt inspired from the Venetian and Baroque styles and tried my hand at it. To begin with I used Metallic Polyester thread as a trial. I was a bit sceptical as to how it would look or whether it would provide the necessary sheen needed for jewellery in a festive backdrop. It turns out to be all right and is malleable to work with easily.

I may in the future also work with 24K gold wrapped silk threads but they are mostly vintage and sure do get expensive. As I progressed, I used cotton threads and Swarovski beads, Miyuki beads and glass seed beads apart from the “form” white/off white beads. Soon I will make a new section in my website for festive handmade lace jewellery and also provide prices. I would also keep the option of customization open so that I can incorporate the ideas of clients and they can participate in the creation of the jewellery they wish to order. 

Love Neeti  

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